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Office Furnishings source to satisfy your every need.
We listen better to formulate...
                                    ...solutions for your office.

How we work...

Client interviews
     To listen to your concerns, to understand your needs, and problems.
    Who knows your organization better than you do.

    Conduct an in-depth analysis of your work flow, space and existing concerns, gathered during     
    the interview process, that will help decide the depth of service necessary to satisfy your     objectives.

Feasibility Study
    With the scope of the assignment defined, we study the global options available to respond      
    to your needs. Presenting the appropriate solution and budget will help you in your decision     
    making process..

    Realistic & flexible to accommodate growth.

Project Planning
    Provide detailed time table in required stages for successful completion of your project.

    Service is the most important part of our relationship followed with care and complete     

    After installation our service is not complete until an audit is completed to find any errors.
    Quick response is our goal to take care of your needs.

Future Needs
    We build long-term beneficial relationships that continue to provide solutions to problems.

Our services cover the products of the growing office environment that produce the desired results for our clients.

We are a company that is a full service organization offering a combined experience of over 30 years in office furnishings.

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    (630)  844.9757
fax (630)  844.9853

761 Hermitage Drive
Aurora, IL. 60506-1713